Part-time work. Flexible work. Remote work. Agile work. These days there are lots of different names for it but are we talking about it enough?

It's socially acceptable for women (with kids) to work part-time. Yet who are we to judge who can and can't work flexibly? Who are we to judge what classes as an acceptable "excuse"? 

Time and time again studies show us that we are more productive, more profitable when we don't work flat out, when we do have interests outside of work. Isn't it time that flexible (insert your preferred adjective here) work is the norm? 

Let's stop being sexist and stop deciding what reasons are acceptable to not work full time! Why don't we look at it from the other way, from everything we gain?  (And it's a lot!)

For employers, let's focus on outputs rather than time spent at desks. And men, fathers, or otherwise, let's make it socially acceptable to talk about flexible work.