Clarks has once again come under fire for girls' shoes named 'Dolly Babe' while boys' shoes included the name 'Leader'.

This is the third time in recent years Clarks has come under fire for its gendered products, with accusations that as well as highly gendered names, the girls' shoes are not designed to support the same level of activity as those for boys.

The usual 'lesson learning' process doesn't seem to have taken place but the question still remains 'what were they thinking'? 

Similarly,  last week Missguided, the retailer popular with teenage girls, came under fire for putting up a neon sign saying 'send me nudes x' in their store. The move drew fierce criticism for being seen to 

At the absolute base level, no brand should make a decision that will go out to the public without first considering whether it is obviously offensive to a demographic.   

While many communications stories have nuances and facets requiring consideration, it is rarer to find a story where the only advice can be to take a moment to think about the situation, and don't do it.