#Girlboss has taken over social media. Having become a fully-fledged hashtag, there’s much more to the trend than simply rocking a great selfie in a power suit or sharing empowering quotes.

Celebrating the rise of female business leaders, the trending hashtag has brought attention to the number of women in positions of power. And although this has encouraged many women to take up entrepreneurship and enter the world of business, Baytree Media Group, the supportive platform that empowers start-ups to get their feet off the ground, has suggested that more can be done to help women launch their own firms.

Mitul Thobhani, CEO & Founder said, “The rise in the number of women in business is great for both the business world and the future of the country. Women like Baroness Brady, Victoria Beckham and Anna Wintour have all set the bar incredibly high for others to follow, but much more than that, they’ve encouraged women to enter the business world. Urging women to follow their dreams and start their own company and go for top jobs, these successful women have laid out a path for others to follow.”

Although successful businesswomen have brought attention to female entrepreneurs and bosses, the fact is that women are still facing roadblocks when it comes to climbing to the top. There’s still a huge gender pay gap between men and women for example, with females getting the rougher end of the deal. Research has also suggested that female-led start-ups are less likely to receive funding from investors than their male counterparts – despite running 30 percent of all small businesses, employing 7.9 million workers and generating $1.4 trillion in sales.

“Although we celebrate the rise in women entrepreneurs, much more can be done to help those just starting out,” said Mitul Thobhani. “Research suggests that female-owned businesses receive just 7 percent of venture capital investment money, while loan approval rates for female entrepreneurs is around 15 to 20 percent less than for men. So it’s obvious that something is not right – and we want to change that.”

Baytree Labs is the established arm of Baytree Media Group that harvests new business ideas – regardless of gender. Focusing on the individual idea and positioning in the market, it helps bring start-ups to life through its incubator. Supporting inspired minds and making their creative ideas a reality, the company helps lift new businesses off the ground by working

Hand-in-hand with key personnel in the industry and making a success of what was once just an idea.

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