This week has been Mental Health Week, a focussed week to bring greater awareness of the challenges which people face, and do battle with every day.

A major challenge is being aware. Aware that it is ok not to be bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm every day, aware that things are not exactly perfect and that we can start to build up the courage to speak to someone about it.

It may seem to be one of those strange paradoxes, that many people struggle to find the bravery and courage to speak to someone about their own challenges and anxiety, yet find a force deep within themselves to be able take their own life.

The short survey in the attached link gives a brief assessment of your own mental health, plus the chance to subscribe to their newsletter.

If nothing else, this may just make you more aware of how you feel, and possibly bring about a little more courage to talk to someone or at least research where to find help.

Together we can bring some Serenity to your life