I would like to bring to your attention a special episode related to an extraordinary exhibition in Italy, for which Antenna has contributed with an amazing audio tour and downloadable app. The cinese artist Ai Weiwei had transformed Palazzo Strozzi in Florence in a platform that empowered the awareness of refugees in Italy, framing for instance the windows of the Renaissance building with rubber boats. 

Towards the end of the show a huge group of Somalian refugees who had escaped from a fire in their emergency accomodation assaulted Palazzo Strozzi in a reaction of protest and obtained consequently at least a provisory housing from the city's administration. This coincidence between art and real life and political issues has been rarely noticed by the press and social media but shows how art can develop its own life just as intended by the artist. 

Would be great to reflect those sinergies in the follow-up of our productions and activities.