I have been talking and writing about this national challenge for the past five years or so. I have suggested that it's time for company executives to change the retirement age from 55 or 60 to 65 as a minimum.

What is not mentioned in The Nation's story is the contraction of the labour force, which is the other added pressure on the aging society. 

There are now 38 million workers in Thailand of which only six million hold a university degree. The 38 million will decrease to 30-32 million at the same time as the total population will increase slightly. In other words, the pool of white and blue collar workers, including the real talent (whatever that number is), will be an even smaller proportion than today.

If you think it's difficult to find people today, you ain't seen nothing yet. Welcome to the real world. It's time to think about your Employee Value Proposition; i.e. how do you brand your company to attract the talent out there?