North Yorkshire Police appeal to victims to come forward and report the crime. Jackie Blackwell, from our Domestic Violence Team said, 

"A common mistake is to think that you need to be physically assaulted or threatened before you are classed as a victim of stalking. Stalking comes in many forms e.g. bombarding you with calls or messages, following you, hanging around your home, workplace or other places you may be, putting things online or any kind of repeated behaviour that causes distress or fear.  The perpetrator can be someone you know e.g. an ex partner who seems to be obsessed with you or it can be a total stranger, man or woman.

You may notice little things and feel it too trivial to report, we would suggest keeping a diary note of anything at all.  A pattern of repeated behaviour may warrant an injunction which we can assist with and more often than not the cost is covered by legal aid even if you are working.  Breach of an injunction is a criminal offence punishable by up to 5 years in prison."