The advancements in medical devices and innovation seems to know no bounds. This two-foot long “smart arm” has been developed to attach to a drummer’s shoulder, and can respond to human gestures when music is played.The project, developed by researchers at GT’s Center for Music Technology, is aimed at using robotics to push the limits of what humans can do and enabling people missing an arm to play complicated rhythms. The video clip shows amputee drummer Jason Barnes use the device to majestic effect. The arm functions with human motion capture technology, enabling it to move naturally with intuitive gestures. GT professor Gil Weinberg says the arm was designed to become a part of the user, adding that machines are no longer completely separate from humans, but are slowly becoming a part of humans. Prosthetic arm technologies are seeingexciting breakthroughs as engineers seek to innovate new artificial limbs in creative ways. These new creations can be utilised within operations too. This prosthetic can be attached to a shoulder to produce a third arm - this additional limb could assist doctors in theatre to bring them tools, supplies or even participate in surgeries. It echoes the phrase "many hands make light work"! This is certainly one area of medical devices i will watch with interest as the versatility and use of robotic technology is certainly pushing the limits.