When Oxfam released its Davos report earlier this month, the world got a glimpse of the rising inequality we are faced with: 62 people own the same as half the world! This article articulates Oxfam's call to action to tackle the extreme inequality crisis. 

In addition, here's my list of three easy ways YOU can make a difference: 

- Buy fair trade products - the premium you pay for your cup of coffee means down the value chain a mother has a little more money to education her children 

- Invest in change - if you want to buy stocks, chose a company that has strong sustainability practices in place (there is also a higher chance they will be around in the long run so there's a business case for this as well!)

- Join the social entrepreneurship movement - the next time you want to volunteer, choose a sustainable social enterprise instead of an NGO. Social enterprises create deeper impact in a scalable and sustainable way using market based solutions to tackle some of the world's most pressing social challenges

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