These days charities are part and parcel of our every day life and you do not have to venture far down Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street and even Ealing Broadway to spot charities collecting money.  

It is almost understandable that charities are getting more focused on obtaining "market share" due to the large amount of charities registered - everyone wants to be first in line. 

For years we have supported local, national and international causes and last year alone we gave more than £35,000 to charity.

During 2015 we have taken stock of what we do and how we do it and have totally transformed our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) tact.  

We get a large amount of requests for support from charities (financially but also to raise awareness) and it is hard to chose who should get what. 

Going forward Orchards of London will put it to our West London communities to vote who they wish to donate to and once a quarter we will give a sum of money to the charity that got the most votes.  

That does not mean that we will stop getting involved with charitable events, we are very much integrated in our local communities and do quite a bit for an independent estate agency of our size.  

Watch this space!