As someone working in the growing impact investing space, I often face push back from governments, raised eyebrows from philathropists, eyerolls from my MBA friends. Public, private and third sector are all struggling with how to embrace the concept of 'investing' in change. Politicians want to talk about it, foundations want to throw money at it and corporates quite simply feel this is not their problem. 

In 2016, the world needs to realise we need change talk into action, to change myopic donations in temporary relief into strategic investments for long term resilience and to change the plea for CSR to a business case for creating double bottom line companies. 

One way to accomplish this, it to embrace the fact that solving the greatest challenges of our time is the only guaranteed growth industry. Beautifully articulated in this article, author Corey Kohn says: "Unfortunately, we’ve squandered a lot of ourdeveloper smartsand talent on creating commercially self-fulfilling junk food for the mind and an intricate digital economy stickily entwined with proprietary software, profits, and data appropriation."

Hope you have an impactful 2016 and become a part of the growing social entrepreneurship movement across the world to hack human suffering in a sustainable and scalable way.