Women are half the human race. Half the voices in a democracy. Half the resources in the development equation.

Yet, across the world, women continuously face structural impediments that exclude them from progress and prosperity. This includes wage inequality, lower access to capital and few opportunities to equip themselves with the skills and networks that can help them transition from subsistence to sustainable lives.  

In this article, authors Patty Alleman (USAID) and Joy Anderson (Criterion Institute), outlines how we can better use the richness and depth of gender data that we have in non-governmental organizations, women’s rights organizations and other groups of experts to be able to inform decision-making in finance. Read on to learn more about how we can use finance to create good.

Case in Point: IIX's Women's Livelihood Bond is an epitome of how gender lens investing is redefining the common risk-return investment metrics to include impact on women and spillover outcomes on the broader economy as a way to mitigate risk and provide investors with a reasonable rate of return. For more details on the WLB, see: http://www.asiaiix.com/womens-livelihood-bond/ 

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