When asked my one prediction for 2016's global economy I believe there will be a surge in the number of female entrepreneurs and women on the board of companies - not just the gradual increase witnessed in 2015, but a true display of gender-mixed teams in the best companies. 

Looking at data from 2,352 ventures with an average age of just over a year, Unreasonable Institute finds that founding teams with women on them tend to have higher revenues than all-male teams. However, they also found that all male teams are raising more equity. 

In my opinion, this means two things. One, is that women have certainly begun to lean in more and prove that, when given equal footing, they can bring new perspectives and insights that are not meant to replace men's opinions, but instead, to reinforce the company's performance. Two, is that despite this, ease of access to capital remains biased towards male dominanted founding teams. This is probably because of a variety of factors but based on my experience I feel this is a combination of one overarching aspect - men make for better negotiators simply because they are brought up with a stronger sense of entitlement, with a mindset of asking for what they deserve. Women on the other hand tend to ask for what they think the investor might feel they deserve - a very different approach. 

This insightful article by author Sean Peters explores to questions to this end: Do new ventures with women on their founding teams outperform their peers? And if a team has more women in roles of leadership, are they more or less likely to raise equity? Read on to discover the data backed articles on this interesting (and somewhat concerning phenomenon). 

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