There are so many areas of focus today, but I'd like to draw attention to this one which highlights the need to prioritize people with disabilities in cases of domestic violence. All too often refuges and support systems are not equipped to deal with them, endangering them further (In the UK there is only one refuge for women with learning difficulties for instance).

There is also the fact that in many cases the violent partner will also be the carer, making it more difficult to escape the situation.

An article in the Guardian earlier this year shared some bleak figures for women with disabilities whether or not they are in a domestically violent situation:

"more than 70% of women with disability experience a violent sexual encounter at least once in their lifetime and were 40% more likely to be victims of domestic violence than women without disability."

The article below focuses specifically on women, but as we know, domestic violence happens to men too (38% of victims in the UK are male). Patriarchy's taboos makes it often harder for them to come forward - add a disability to the mix and the result are some very desperate situations.

You can donate to Refuge here (for women and children) or Mankind here.