It is notable and welcomed that Simon Stevens its looking to increase NHS funding now rather than later. Ask any clinical negligence lawyer what the root cause of any medical mistake is, and lack of funding will always be lurking in the corner looking guilty. If there are fewer doctors and medical staff available, essential tests not completed, and vital operations delayed, funding could solve all these issues.

Saving tax money now, on what the medical profession deems necessary, only increases future costs to the NHS. Medical problems become harder to treat but also it is inevitable that the public will justifiably want compensation for the delays and pain caused. If someone cant work because of funding cuts, they will still need to meet the bills we all face, if someone dies and a family breadwinner is lost, the future of the family is in jeopardy.

Incvesting in the core and essential services of the NHS will only reduce additional costs at a later on, which then will truly reduce the overall burden to the tax payer, and make one of the the best public health systems in the world, even better.