Amy Schumer, a powerful female comedian known for her jibes at sexist norms and popular portrayals of women, has secured her place as one of the funniest women on the scene today. Schumer takes various feminist stances in her skits but also lives out her feminist politics by working with her producer sister on various projects including her comedy central show and upcoming movie.

She is not afraid to take bold comedic risks that attack gender norms today and discuss topics that are often deemed only appropriate for male comedians. Admittedly she has made mistakes in the past, with some accusing her of having a 'blind spot about race.' But after an apology and a rewrite of those jokes, Schumer is charging forward with making fun of patriarchal structures in a way that appeals to both men and women.

Her messages are powerful and important and thanks to her expertise delivery and smart business skills, more and more people are now critically re-examining the way women are treated in today's society.