Actress Lisa Kudrow recently gave an honest interview about the issues she sees with popular culture, and how she her adjusts her behavior to accommodate certain societal expectations, but pushes back against other cultural norms.

Given her remarkable level of fame, Kudrow has no expectation of privacy and reflects on society's more recent obsession with sharing on public forums. Private discourses now occur in public spaces, a phenomenon perpetuated by reality television. Kudrow believes that one result of this shifting norm is society thrives on humiliation of self and others and our standards for 'acceptable behavior' is 'much lower.'

Kudrow also talked about acting from her point of view as a mother. She refused to take her young son on set and allow him to 'experience me as someone who is not his mom and completely interested and devoted,' while she was in character. She also limits some of her son's acting interests, believing that fame without enough life experiences has proven to be a path towards 'derailment.' She blames this process on the power society grants to entertainers.

Kudrow adopts a more sombre tone when discussing current portrayals of women in relationships. Recent movies and television shows depict women as powerless and insecure, but reappropriate this passiveness as a type of 'freedom of expression' that frankly serves to forbid women from becoming equal players. We also see this type of disenfranchisement of women in real time with female actresses earning less than their male counterparts- a double standard that Kudrow vehemently opposes.

The interview is an example of a famous person using her clout to create a platform that raises awareness for deeper issues engrained in Hollywood that are often cast aside for more glossy surface level gossip. Let's hope more people of Kudrow's status will take the time to reflect on these issues and start a conversation about how society can recognize and heighten our baseline standards related to women's portrayals in the media, how society can encourage children in entertainment to seek an education, and how society can more carefully reflect on and define our rights and responsibilities regarding privacy.