Why is Half the Sky missing? Why are women not part of the most important dialogues on world peace? Why is it that women work 2/3 of the world’s working hours and produce 1/2 the world’s food, yet they earn only 10% of global income?

Women play a key role in supporting their households and communities in achieving food security, generating income and overall natural resource management. They are the backbone of agriculture and rural enterprises, fuelling local and global economies. Yet women continue to be excluded from the development agenda.

What is truly horrifying is that even so called 'empowered' women - from politicians to celebrities, are being erased. An epitome of 'Half the Sky' being missing is reflected in the lack of female Oscar nominees, the even fewer women of color or ethic-background, either as actors or as directors, screenwriters, cinematographers.

In my opinion, this is dangerous not because of gender-inequality,low resilience to economic & environmental shocks or wide-spread global oppression of women - this is dangerous because the world is missing out on an opportunity. An opportunity to make women part of the solution to development challenges. It has already been established that climate change is not gender neutral, that gender lens investing can drive forward the MDGs and that women empowerment can magnify multi-generational impact.

The world must not forget half the sky unless it wants to continue living in darkness.