As long as I can remember, I have loved reading. I remember being a toddler, staring at the pages of my book and just willing myself to understand the letters on the page. As soon as learned it was hard to get me to put a book down. During tough and difficult times, I continue to find solace and comfort in books. Every child deserves this chance - I want books to be able to speak them as they so powerfully spoke to me. Yet children's book aren't presenting or speaking to the diverse and multicultural times we're living in. More often than not there aren't any characters of color, or only one or two - acting as "token" minorities. As Walter Dean Myers writes here, "Books transmit values. They explore our community humanity." Here's to making an effort to have books reflect a rich diversity of communities and characters - so that kids of all colors and backgrounds can find inspiration and begin to make sense of who they are in the rich, rich world of books.